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The better way to better gadgets.

  See how SubliEVO lets you import,manage your photos
  and print your gadgets in one simple, integrated workflow.

Only 3 click


Make your beautiful photos in wonderful objects.

SubliEVO is a powerful software that improves the creation, management and printing of sublimated products in a simple and fast way, without compromise in terms of quality. In just 3 guided steps' choose gadget, the photo and print.

Orders and jobs. SubliEVO make your jobs simple and intuitive.


Integrated color management profiles.

To obtain sublimated objects with photographic quality is not simple. Several factors determine the final outcome, manage gracefully allows us to get an optimal photo. .

SubliEVO organizes the job's orders, each order can contain up to 99 jobs..

There are 3 types of job: Wizard,Mosaics and Manuals, in order to meet all possible needs. You can then choose to create new orders. You can choose to load orders (already created with the possibility of going through the preview of its contents), or print directly an image.


Profiles ICC and integrated management.

SubliEVO solves all issues related to corresponding chromatic material, the operating temperature and exposure time. Provides optimized color profiles and operates automatically so totally transparent to the user.


The simple solution to every problem.

Three types of jobs to satisfy the needs of composition and printing


Material, temperature, time, type of printer, quality of paper, setting icc colour profile, choice and application of colour profile, keymirrored image will no longer be a problem with SubliEVO.

Application Tutorial

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