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Meet BestSub New Machine—iSmart Sublimation Oven

Everybody, meet BestSub new machine—iSmart Sublimation Oven, the multifunctional helper you can‘t miss. It is of compact desktop type, with a lot of personalization possibilities and great potential profits. Check below for more details!

What Makes Our iSmart Sublimation Oven So Excellent?
1. Six heating tubes equipped produce more uniform heat and better printout quality;
2. Four-side enamel cavity guarantees constant temperature;
3. Accurate digital temperature control system with smart sensor can detect the temperature change and adjust it;
4. Thicker double-layered heat-resistant door makes it safer to operate the oven;
5. Easy to operate. You will master the oven immediately;
6. The back whirlwind hot air makes the heat penetrate the entire cavity.

Three Tools to Print Diversely
We got three printing tools that bring out more personalization possibilities. From ceramic mugs to stainless steel bottles to flat delicate items, they can help you print whatever you want.

Large Enough to Print More
iSmart Sublimation Oven features large cavity which makes small batch printing and large item printing possible. It can print six 11oz mugs at one time, and a super large stainless steel bottle. With the oven rack accessory, you get two layers of space to print more flat items.
Item Name: iSmart Sublimation Oven (40L)
Item No.: KX40LB
Oven Size: 460*360*380mm
Voltage: 110V/220V
Power: 1600W+400W(2000W)
Temp. Range: 60-230℃

1. Leading market by qualified service;
2. Fashionable design with vivid sublimation printing effect;
3. Outstanding as personal gifts and promotional gifts or for commercial use;
4. Decades expertise;
5. One-stop service at BestSub.

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