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Never Miss DTF Printing, the One-for-All-Fabrics Printing Solution!

Direct-to-film printing, also known as DTF printing, is the revolutionary new technique that redefines fabric printing. It requires a special DTF printer, ink, powder and transfer film, which altogether can bring vivid and vibrant prints on dark or light colored polyester, cotton, nylon, canvas, leather, 50/50 blends and more. You can easily get amazing printout results that are stretchable, soft to touch and resistant to washing!

DTF also refers to direct transfer film, the media to print on, available in A4 and A3 sizes, with the advantage to personalize large items and more possibilities to create! This special film makes the whole DTF printing process easy to master even for new starters, because it doesn’t require highly demanding A-to-B paper transfer. Just print on the film for once, cover with DTF powder, melt it in heat, and then transfer on any fabric item using heat press. The whole process is fast, easy, time-saving, low-cost and capable of high productivity, which is a well-worth investment with the best value for money!

Item Name: DTF Heat Melt Powder (White, 1kg)
Item No.: DTF-PWH
Packing Size: 21.5*31cm
Weight: 1kg
Item Name: DTF Transfer Film (A4, 100pcs)
Item No.: DTF-FA4
Size: 30*21*1cm
Weight: 0.8kg
Item Name: DTF Transfer Film (A3, 100pcs)
Item No.: DTF-FA3
Size: 45*30*1cm
Weight: 1.5kg

1. Leading market by qualified service;
2. Fashionable design with vivid sublimation printing effect;
3. Outstanding as personal gifts and promotional gifts or for commercial use;
4. Decades expertise;
5. One-stop service at BestSub.

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