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The Tools You Always Wanted When Crafting!

Made Easy For Your Crafting Time
Vinyl Weeding Scrap Collector

Lots of craft lovers complain about the sticky pieces of vinyl when they’re crafting. Do you have a solution? Here’s the must-have tool for weeding vinyl! It’s a Vinyl weeding scrap collector. It can avoid the sticky pieces from messing up your table and make your crafting easier and more convenient! No more struggling with sticky pieces of vinyl! Made of silicon material, lightweight and portable, it can suck to most surfaces, helping you pile up vinyl scraps through the slits of the silicone collector. Additionally, for use with Craft Vinyl Tool Kit, embrace a spatula, hook, tweezers and scraper, all of these tools are the best tools for the craft!

Item Name: Vinyl Weeding Scrap Collector
Size: 6*9.2cm
Net weight: 60.30g

1. Leading market by qualified service;
2. Fashionable design for crafting use;
3. Outstanding as personal gifts and promotional gifts or for commercial use;
4. Decades expertise;
5. One-stop service at BestSub.

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