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Sublimation Imprinting is Something of an Art

We notice another sublimation mousepad website telling on this, and it explains the process quite clear: "To explain this form of printing we need to start with a few basics. Sublimation ink is a solid. When heated it turns to a gas and migrates. When it cools, it turns back into a solid. If you add pressure, it will migrate into another surface. If that surface is a man-made surface such as polyester or nylon, it will dye that surface. However if it is cotton or regular metal or tile, it will migrate but will not dye the surface, thus leaving a shadow that will wash out. Since the ink is dying the surface, you must work with the original surface color. You cannot sublimate the color "white", so your best option is to start with a white surface. We create a transfer in reverse using sublimation ink and offset presses, then we heat apply it to a white mousepad using the right time and pressure. Creating an exact replica can be tricky because each color has a different dot gain. Quite often there is no constant rule, but rather experience with the ink will be the only guideline available. Too much ink can make the image look muddy or dirty, or even cause the text to fill in. If you have ever seen poor sublimation you realize that it can look as bad as it can good."  -- From Direct Mousepads.

Try to image using this kind of technique to create your own world.  One day you are walking on the street and everybody passing you will know your name "James"!  Their eyeballs are attracted by your own T-shirt and caps! At school you can show your special gift -- a keyring with her smile on -- to Lucy because today is her birthday!  On the car you are using your own traffic mugs with your art work. Of course when you arrive home, your wife will serve you a cup of coffee with your mugs right next to your mousepad! You can never image more.

Because of our experience with Sublimation, we have been producing all sorts of sublimation materials for the whole industry for more than 7 years. Some of the most beautiful artworks have been set as the standard in the industry. You can trust that we know what we are talking about, and we will work hard to achieve your your complete satisfaction.  Call us today on 0086 131 4704 5331 to see what we can do for you.

Sublimation Art Work Starts from Here!